What is acceptable has now become unacceptable. Let us explain.

Imagine a world where ‘good’ was the only thing expected and anything above that was a far-fetched idea. Do you accept ‘good’ as the standard or do you reach for that greater potential? Do you dream beyond the acceptable norm?

With the rapid influx of new ideas and technologies, it is becoming more difficult to create work that is both exceptional in design and in function. A highly stylized website can be beautiful to look at, but be incredibly complex to navigate and vice versa. These inferior decisions have now become the standard. They are the benchmark for everything we touch, taste, see, and hear. It overwhelms our senses and once bombarded, we do nothing, but submit.

Now imagine what happens when we remove this acceptable norm. Clear it away and we have an unobstructed view of that greater potential. Mediocrity returns to its original, lowly position and we can, once again, reset the bar to its rightful place at the top.

This is Poka Yoke’s mission. We reach beyond the mediocre and seek higher ground. We want to free the world of poor decisions made by designers and developers alike and in the process, effortlessly unite brilliant visual design with seamless performance.

Forget mediocrity. Forget conventional. Strive for the absolute best and ‘good’ becomes the far-fetched idea.

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