Food Tripping Through Bologna, Italy

Cooking Class 10

We here at Poka Yoke love food because like everything else that is good in life, it connects people on a universal, fundamental scale. And really, who is hatin’ on food? If you are, go get help. Now. So for our second day sans jetlag in Bologna (the capital of the food famous region, Emilia-Romagna),…read more…

Sh*t Nobody Says and With Good Reason

The whole Shit Girls Says meme has spawned a plethora of viral videos including Shit Single Girls Say, Shit Black Guys Say, Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls, Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys and on and on and on. But the fellas behind this video thought outside the box and made a video…read more…’s How to Peel Garlic

For those who have some anger management issues or had a bad day at work, I say beat the crap out of garlic. It seems therapeutic and it will probably build upper arm strength as well.