Hate Tweets to Frank Ocean

Singer Frank Ocean took a huge risk, one that will change the homophobic landscape of hip hop and R&B, by coming out as bisexual. While I feel his sexuality does not affect my admiration for his music and mastery at speaking the utmost truth, some have tweeted their negative feelings calling him a faggot and other hateful things. A website has been set up, Hate Tweets to Frank Ocean, where Frank Ocean fans can reply back with the words: All that matters is *that* you love and show that in the end, love conquers all. When an artist, poet, or writer bares his soul because he believes in the positive change it will create, we, those who are open-minded, accepting, and most importantly, empathetic, cannot help, but praise the courage it requires to be honest. If you do not know who Frank is or have never listened to his music, I beg you to take a listen to We All Try from his nostalgia/ultra album. For me, the song speaks volumes within its 2 minute and 52 second time frame.