Neal LockeNeal Locke is a former High School English teacher and a current student at Princeton Theological Seminary, pursuing an M.Div as well as a Master’s in Christian Education. He is a husband and father of three who enjoys using open source software, building virtual environments, brewing his own beer in the basement, and studying Old English language and literature.

Always a pioneer, Neal wrote his first program on a Commodore64 in 1983, designed his first website in 1995, and was recognized by EdTech magazine in 2004 for being one of the first teachers in the nation to incorporate blogging in the classroom. In 2009 Neal helped to organize 1PCSL — a Presbyterian community that gathers on a weekly basis in the online virtual world of Second Life. Neal can be reached via Facebook, twitter, and Google+ using the handle “mstrlocke,” in Second Life via his avatar “Neill Loxingly,” and via his website at