Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2013

Youth Triennium contacted Poka Yoke Design to develop their online presence in hopes of enabling users to find information quickly and ultimately to register for the Youth Triennium 2013. Besides needing a fully functional site that was user-friendly, Youth Triennium wanted something visually appealing, one that truly reflected their core audience.

Our main goal with developing the site included the creation of a simple navigational system, but being who we are, we also wanted to blend site content with the fun nature of the event. In order to do so, we built upon the Triennium’s logo; a design inspired by a psychedelic rock poster. We took key elements from art of the 60s and 70s era and created a vibrant, youthful palette reminiscent of the iconic counterculture.

The final development stages took into consideration the different mobile devices a user might utilize. Responsive design allows a website to fit to scale on browsers across varied smartphones and tablets, giving anyone the opportunity to navigate the Triennium site from a portable screen with incredible ease.

Click here to check out the final website. What do you think of the design and overall user experience? Let us know!