Say Hello to Mike

Meet Mike, the other half of the founding team. He’s also a family man from the Mid-West. Minnesota to be exact. And apparently, he still listens to ’90’s alternative rock.

Name:  Michael Gyura

What do you do at Poka Yoke?: I’m President and co-founder of the company.  I spend most of my days communicating with our amazing team, and sitting in shock over the talented staff I am surrounded by.
What’s your favorite place in the world?: The Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota, followed closely by any mountain that has snow and chairlift.
What’s your next travel destination?: I probably will have to go home at some point tonight.
Favorite movie of all time: Of all time?  Man…you can’t go wrong with The Search For The Holy Grail, but Heat is a strong contender.
Favorite musical group: I am a sucker for 90’s alternative.  I know, I know…
iPhone: Yay or nay?  I’m still in the closet about my Apple addiction.  I fought for PC and Linux for years, then I woke up one morning surrounded by iDevises.  Not sure what happened.
If so, favorite iPhone app. If not, why?!:  I don’t know what I would do without Pulse.  The way I can get all my news and feeds in one AMAZINGLY programmed app is priceless.  That’s the App I wish I built.
Your biggest guilty pleasure:  Xbox
Your ultimate dream: A cabin on a mountain with ride in/ride out access, plenty of snowboards, and my family to share it with.
If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with all your money?:  Invest it in this business.