Top 5 Friday : October 12, 2012

Jen Renninger

1. Origami is not just paper cranes. According to Jun Mitani, associate professor at the University of Tsukuba, the art of paper folding is a 3D rendering made possible by some creative computer programming. 2. ARART, the augmented reality application developed by Japanese artists Kei Shiratori, Takeshi Mukai and Younghyo Bak, transforms master paintings into…read more…

Top 5 Friday : August 3, 2012

Rodolfo Loaiza

1. Mexican artist Rodolfo Loaiza flips Disney characters on their head, creating a world that is wholly disenchanted in his series of manipulated images. 2. Daniel Craig is back as 007 and he is better than ever in the Sam Mendes-directed Skyfall. Can you really expect to win against a man that looks that good…read more…

Olympic Vermin by Amael Isnard and Leo Bridle

The summer Olympics are arriving this Friday and to celebrate animators Ameal Isnard and Leo Bridle in collaboration with Beakus studio created this short animation featuring the vermin of London racing to light the torch at their very own Olympic stadium. Okay, so it’s not really a stadium, but a trash bin in an alley…read more…

Bob’s Burgers and Their Handy First Aid Poster

Bob's Burgers

Yes. A thousand times yes. This Bob’s Burgers poster is what should be hanging on every restaurant wall. And if all else fails, like the ability to save someone’s life, then at least you have something entertaining to read.

Top 5 Friday : June 22, 2012

Dina Goldstein

1. The perfect, bubblegum pink world of Barbie isn’t all dream houses and convertibles. According to Dina Goldstein, it is a dark, miserable existence where Ken struggles with his homosexuality and Barbie tries to keep it together in a loveless marriage. Check out Goldstein’s website for more In the Dollhouse photos and a behind-the-scenes video.…read more…

Watch a Stop-Motion Animation by Mikey Please

Do you have about nine minutes to spare? Then watch this incredible stop-motion animation by Mikey Please entitled The Eagleman Stag. It’s a story about a time-obsessed entomologist who stumbles upon a beetle with the ability to cheat death. Please crafted the piece from a white foam material thus producing the animation’s monochromatic, almost minimalistic…read more…

Top 5 Friday : March 16, 2012

Keith Haring

1. The Brooklyn Museum is hosting an exhibit of Keith Haring’s work ranging from 1978 – 1982. His iconic graphic images will be available to view from now until July 18th. Make sure to cross the East River and visit the museum if you have the chance. 2. Casa de Mi Padre arrives in theaters…read more…

Watch a Two-Minute Scene from Pixar’s Brave

Arriving this summer, Brave will prove to be an inspiring tale for young girls who aren’t afraid to follow their own path and kick some serious ass in the process. For the rest of us, we will soon learn how to crack jokes in a killer Scottish accent. So win-win.

An Animated Jack Donaghy Needs a New Musical Act

Ryan Adams, Childish Gambino, and Michael McDonald try out to replace Madonna at the halftime show during the Superbowl. All do exceptionally well, including Ryan’s soulful rendition of the theme song to Passions. (Remember that crazy ass soap opera?) But alas, Jack finds a replacement with one of The Voice’s co-hosts. Damn you, Cee-Lo Green!

Top 5 Friday : January 27, 2012

Chris and Dave

1. Liz Lemon is my hero. And for god’s sake, someone bring me some ham! 2. Inspired by Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle might go on tour together. How freakin’ awesome will that be? Can I holla?! 3. Listen to the Spector Ryan Gosling Remix of Florence and…read more…