Top 5 Friday : March 15, 2013

Fabian Oefner

1. From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, Girl Rising tells the global story of what happens when girls demand an education, one that releases them from child marriage, sex trafficking, and hard labor. If we educate our daughters, we change the world. It’s a profound ripple effect. 2. Oh color, you make me so…read more…

Infrared Photography by David Keochkerian

David Keochkerian 2

When I glance over David Keochkerian’s infrared photographs, it reminds me of the places I have been to in my dreams, the surreal memories that slowly disappear into a foggy haze the moment I wake. His imagery can be called alien-like, but for me, they represent the deep, somewhat disturbing recesses of the unexplored mind.…read more…

Big Bang and Powder Series by Photographer Marcel Christ

Marcel Christ 2

Photographer Marcel Christ takes the ordinary and transforms your perception. Everyday objects become unexpected works of art. And you know me, I love imagery involving bright bursts of color. It’s a visceral thing that, in my opinion, embodies the idea and creation of pure, unbridled joy. Visit the artist’s website to view more of his…read more…

Fireworks by Photographer David Johnson

Davey J 2

Labor Day has come and gone which means that summer has officially ended in an unofficial way. (Look at the calendar, people. Summer is still going strong!) And to celebrate the end of warm days spent at the beach or lying lazily on hammocks daydreaming the hours away, we are going out with a bang;…read more…

Walking Shadow Series by Jason Ratliff

Jason Ratliff 2

In his Walking Shadow series, designer and illustrator Jason Ratliff replaces looming dark shadows with colorful geometric patterns. Everyday figures doing everyday, ordinary activities are transformed and transported to another worldly dimension. You can purchase a print of your own at Ratliff’s site as well as view his other eclectic work.

Mesmerizing Photographs by artist Mark Mawson

Mark Mawson 1

British artist and photographer Mark Mawson’s work is rooted in a simple idea; drop paint into water and photograph the results. Each image captures a beautiful still life of color, movement, and transformation. You want to reach through and immerse yourself in this world, hoping to emerge a new being at the other end. The…read more…