Top 5 Friday : October 26, 2012

Deb Morris 2

1. Photographer Deb Morris looks at life, especially waves, through a micro perspective. Every drop of water is a swirl grander than the eye can see. Click here to see Morris’ entire range of WaveArt photographs. 2. RZA and the Black Keys brawl it out for the infamous fortune cookie, the food equivalent of the…read more…

Community is Set to Air Their Law & Order Episode

I watch a lot of tv. A Lot. And I am a true loyalist when it comes to my favorite shows. I will always be up to date on the latest happenings of the 30 Rock group, the campaigns efforts of Knope 2012 and of course, anything and everything that the Greendale study group has…read more…

Top 5 Friday : March 9, 2012

Obama Smiley Face T-Shirt

1. Print Liberation designed a series of t-shirts in support of Obama’s race for his second presidential term. Browse their online store to see all styles available. Note: they also have a Destroy Fox News tee. 2. Join the Dollar Shave Club and shave money. I mean save money. Those guys are clever with the…read more…

Watch the Opening Credits of Community as Inspired by Arrested Development

Yes! This would be an incredible show, chock full of irreverent humor and unlikely forming of romantic relationships. Who wouldn’t want to watch this hybrid show? Community finally airs March 15th. Thanks NBC for its delayed return. (Insert sarcastic eye roll here.)

Top 5 Friday : February 24, 2012

Community Return of the Group

1. And the Community group is back on NBC airing a new episode on March 15th. Thanks to Jon Defreest and Vulture for reminding us. Now someone set up a petition to get Whitney canceled. 2. Directed by Academy Award winning director Kevin MacDonald, Marley showcases the life and times of reggae’s greatest, Bob Marley.…read more…

Watch Television Shows Reference Each Other

Courtesy of Pleated Jeans, watch a compilation video of televsion shows referencing each other, starting and ending with Saturday Night Live. And for goodness sake, when is Community coming back to NBC?

Top 5 Friday : February 3, 2012

Susan G Komen

1. Feist is known for her unique videos. No need for dancing or special effects. The newest video for the single The Bad in Each Other feels like a mini-movie with a cast of complicated characters. 2. OK Go teaches kids about the three primary colors. The red looks more orange, but it’s a cute…read more…

According to Donald Glover, Kids are Awful People

There are two things you need to know about Community’s Donald Glover. 1. He isn’t Danny Glover’s kid. 2. He thinks kids are like tiny, little Hitlers. Aaaaand cue the laughs. Donald Glover: Weirdo Donald Glover – Tiny Little Hitlers Comedy Central Funny Videos Funny TV Shows

30 Rock Finally Returns to NBC

It has been a tough season of television watching for me. I have had to deal with NBC ordering a full season of Whitney and now Community (one of the funniest, well-written shows out there in tv land) has been put on hiatus with no return date in sight! But thankfully, NBC is bringing back…read more…

Listen to Childish Gambino’s Camp on NPR

Childish Gambino

You may know Childish Gambino if you have ever seen NBC’s Community. Donald Glover‘s new album, Camp, is streaming in full on NPR. It’s an ambitious debut that has been getting its fair share of critical praise. It’s also pretty explicit so if you are listening at work, remember to plug in your headphones. Check…read more…