Oscar Nominated Movie Posters Speak the Truth

The Descendants

The awards season is in full bloom over at Hollywood and the nominees have been announced. So the folks at the Shiznit decided to re-work the posters of some of the Oscar nominated movies. However blunt they may be, they are also incredibly accurate. They’re funny ’cause their true.

The Mortified Sessions Premieres December 5th

Anyone who is a fan of Mortified will be extra pleased to hear about Sundance Channel’s newest show, The Mortified Sessions, where celebrities share embarrassing tidbits, diary entries and photos from their childhood. It is refreshing to see that us ordinary folk have something in common with Hollywood types. It’s also nice when you are…read more…

Top 5 Friday : November 18, 2011

The Pop Up Flea

1. ‘Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the gun down.’ – Malcolm X. Watch Stomp, the third mini video from the Roots’ upcoming album, undun. Dropping December 6th, it is sure to be a masterpiece. 2. A one-stop destination for the stylishly hip dude in your life, The Pop-Up Flea is…read more…

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin

Here's The Thing

WNYC now has Alec Baldwin on its roster. His first broadcast of Here’s The Thing includes an interview with Michael Douglas. They speak about family, the changing environment of Hollywood, and Douglas’ health after cancer. Shows air every 2 weeks. Check out the first episode and listen to Baldwin’s trademark raspy voice. It’s radio gold.