Pantone Pairings by David Schwen

David Schwen 2

Minneapolis-based creative David Schwen has created Pantone Pairings, a photograph series of famous food couples. Are you a designer? Then you know a Pantone color swatch when you see one. Check out all the tried-and-true pairings on Instagram. People are going nutty for it. Schwen currently has over 30,000 followers. Photographs of food on Instagram?…read more…

The Instagram ROMA Competition

What does Italy mean to you? Italian streetwear brand FiftyFiveDSL wants to know. It’s a vague question with many interpretations, which makes it a great open-ended contest to enter. All you have to do is tag your Instagram photos with #55DSLROMAFILM and you could win a 3-day trip to Rome. For more details, visit the…read more…

Top 5 Friday : March 9, 2012

Obama Smiley Face T-Shirt

1. Print Liberation designed a series of t-shirts in support of Obama‚Äôs race for his second presidential term. Browse their online store to see all styles available. Note: they also have a Destroy Fox News tee. 2. Join the Dollar Shave Club and shave money. I mean save money. Those guys are clever with the…read more…

The Vaccines Use Instagram for their Newest Video

The Vaccines

As you might know by now, I am a big Instagram fan and I love me some British boys who can rock. So I am pleased to present The Vaccines who filtered through fan photos in Instagram to produce their newest video, ‘Wetsuit’. I think I have fallen in love.