Top 5 Friday : January 4, 2013

Beth Ann Magnuson

Welcome to the new year! Let’s christen 2013 with a new Top 5 Friday. Enjoy! 1. Tel Aviv-based artist Ori Toor created this video for Kingdom Crumbs’ single Evoking Spirits. Watch, if not for the song, then for the psychedelic visuals. It’s pretty trippy and awesome. So awesome. 2. Artist Beth Ann Magnuson hand-carves intricate…read more…

Top 5 Friday : March 2, 2012


1. To accompany his song, Love is Making its Way Back Home, from his newest album Bringing in the Darlings, musician Josh Ritter recruited the help of director Erez Horovitz and illustrator Sarah Graves to create this video, constructed from 12,000 pieces of construction paper. No effects were added during post production. Pretty amazing. 2.…read more…

How Come You Never Go There

You may have read about my undying love for Feist’s newest album, Metals. Well, she just released a video for How Come You Never Go There and I am still enchanted. Take a look below as Feist plays some sort of warlock of the woods with magnificent long hair. I would make a killing with…read more…

Watch a Whimsical Video for Against the Grain

Melbourne folk artist, Hudson, collaborated with animator VJ Dropbear (aka Jonathan Chong) for the video to his song, Against the Grain. The end result is a kaleidoscope of dancing colored pencils set to an upbeat, lighthearted tune.

Learn Some Dance Moves from this Lonely Boy

The Black Keys are known for their irreverent videos. But this one for Lonely Boy off their El Camino LP takes the cake. It will make you want to get up and dance. Or if you are inept in that department, at least it will put a smile on your face. And the song is…read more…

Foster the People Gets a Brooklyn Beat

If you are a fan of indie group Foster the People, then take a listen to the remix of Helena Beat by Brooklyn-based DJ Jemex. It’s sped up with a funkier beat for any near-future house parties you might host. The original is pretty catchy too.

The Roots Drop their New Album on December 6th

The Roots

As an unofficial Philly girl, (I spent my college years roaming the city aimlessly), I can say with much excitement that The Roots will release their newest album, Undun, on December 6th. It is their first concept album inspired by instrumental chamber music. Sure, I love catching them on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon when…read more…

The Vaccines Use Instagram for their Newest Video

The Vaccines

As you might know by now, I am a big Instagram fan and I love me some British boys who can rock. So I am pleased to present The Vaccines who filtered through fan photos in Instagram to produce their newest video, ‘Wetsuit’. I think I have fallen in love.

Mayer Hawthorne Plays Mr. Smith in His New Video

Mayer Hawthorne

Hawthorne’s new album, How Do You Do, dropped this past Tuesday and I can say with authority (with as much authority as I have) that it is worth buying, especially if your musical preference leans towards old school soul. Think The Temptations and Marvin Gaye, but with a white boy at the mic. Check out…read more…

Check out Drake’s new video, Headlines

Ever since Thank Me Later, Drake has been the boy wonder of Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money crew. His new album, Take Care, drops October 24th and the video for his first single, Headlines, is here, featuring his hometown of Toronto.