Top 5 Friday : March 22, 2013

Pierre Pellegrini 2

1. Ugh, snow. In the city, the white stuff turns black and slushy almost instanteously. The beauty of it dies the moment it hits the cement and starts melting. But photographer Don Komarechka makes you realize every flake is, in itself, something extraordinarily beautiful. Mother Nature, you win. 2. Don’t fuck with your wives. Seriously,…read more…

Liter(art)ure by Daniel Edlen

Daniel Edlen 2

With a fine Rapidograph pen in hand, artist Daniel Edlen recreates the literary world’s most-revered authors along the pages that made them legendary. Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, and Edgar Allan Poe come into clear view from a myriad of small black dots, a technique called pointillism devised by the great artist Georges Seurat. To…read more…

Famous Pin Portraits by Philip Karlberg

Philip Karlberg

Stockholm-based artist, Philip Karlberg has taken pointillism to a new fascinating level. Using painted dowels, Karlberg was able to create minimalistic portraits of famous cultural figures (who were/are also famous sunglass wearers) for Plaza Magazine. Can you figure out who is whom?

Watch as 3.2 Million Dots Make Up an Intimate Portrait

Miguel Endara transforms a blank canvas into a black and white portrait of his father using the technique of pointillism, a method of dotting over and over again to create highlights and shadows. The final piece is entitled Hero.