Top 5 Friday : January 4, 2013

Beth Ann Magnuson

Welcome to the new year! Let’s christen 2013 with a new Top 5 Friday. Enjoy! 1. Tel Aviv-based artist Ori Toor created this video for Kingdom Crumbs’ single Evoking Spirits. Watch, if not for the song, then for the psychedelic visuals. It’s pretty trippy and awesome. So awesome. 2. Artist Beth Ann Magnuson hand-carves intricate…read more…

Watch Ryan Ferguson’s A Week to Kill Starring Hannibal Buress

You might know Hannibal Buress as the random homeless guy on NBC’s 30 Rock (he threw up on Lutz during the gas-leak episode), but he also happens to be one of the show’s staff writers and a former SNL scribe. Let’s just say the guy is super funny and on the rise in the comedy…read more…

Top 10 Friday : May 25, 2012

Arian Noveir

As promised, here’s this Friday’s top 10 list in lieu of the regular top 5 because I have neglected the blog all week long. Many apologies! 1. Daniel Craig is back as 007 in the newest Bond installment, Sky Fall and he still looks remarkable in a well-tailored suit. The film hits theaters November 9th.…read more…

Top 5 Friday : April 13, 2012

Jennifer Collier

1. UK based artist Jennifer Collier makes everyday objects out of paper ‘fabric’. Why? Because she can and it’s awesome. 2. From remix artist Pogo, comes Boo Bass, a song entirely created by the sounds of Pixar’s Monsters Inc. Listen to it more than once and you become entranced or have a giggle fit. 3.…read more…

Watch Television Shows Reference Each Other

Courtesy of Pleated Jeans, watch a compilation video of televsion shows referencing each other, starting and ending with Saturday Night Live. And for goodness sake, when is Community coming back to NBC?

Watch a SNL Banned Animation by Robert Smigel

Part of the March 1998 TV Funhouse segment, Conspiracy Theory Rock was banned due to its scathing critique of corporate media ownership, including how monopolies are spilling nuclear waste in playgrounds. What a way to bite the hand that feeds you.

Christmas Time is Here!

We here at Poka Yoke Design wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe and have fun! Much love to all and enjoy these festive videos. They both brought a smile to my face.

The Black Keys Rock Out On The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report Over the weekend, The Black Keys memorably performed on Saturday Night Live, hosted by Steve Buscemi. While on their promoting tour, the Akron duo set their sights on another NYC locale as they sat down with Stephen Colbert to discuss the inspiration behind the name of their newest LP, El Camino. The…read more…

Kim Kardashian’s Fairy Tale Divorce on SNL

Watch as Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg take on the Kardashian divorce. And yes, the three sisters really do sound like dead robots. Emote, ladies!

Melissa McCarthy Shows SNL How It’s Done

Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL this past Saturday and it was a ratings success, better than the season premiere with Alec Baldwin. She’s a comic queen, completely comfortable making a fool of herself for a laugh and she has incredible improv skills (anyone who has seen the outtakes from Bridesmaids can vouch for that). Check her…read more…