Finding Paul Miller : A Year Without the Internet

The Verge technology writer Paul Miller made the brave decision to disconnect from the internet for an entire year in hopes of finding out who he was without it. His goals included reading more, learning more, traveling more, the essentials that we all want to accomplish when time seems to be in abundance and eagerly…read more…

What to Do When the Internet is not Working

Internet is Down

For someone who is isolated from human kind and stays indoors for days on end while sitting in front of a laptop, I would probably stagger outside and be disoriented by the real world or sit in a fetal position while humming. I don’t know how to revert back to my childhood when I did…read more…

Richard Feynman Waxs Poetic Part 2 & 3

Take a listen to part 2 and 3 of the Feynman Series. It is rather eye-opening and puts into perspective that we, as individuals, are just a speck in the universe.

‘It Doesn’t Work’ : iPad vs. Magazine

Oh, geez. Parents be wary. Real things apparently aren’t real when you are a one year-old living in the 21st century. It’s scary to think how isolated future generations will be to reality. But, in any case, iPads rock. I want one.