Top 5 Friday : February 22, 2013

Operation Crossroads

1. Finding Vivian Maier is a documentary about a reclusive albeit brilliant street photographer. Maier’s images are poignant to say the least. They capture life in and around New York City that cannot be imitated by digital cameras and camera phones. It is true analog art in its purest, unadulterated, profound form. 2. In 1946…read more…

Off the Daily Grind for the Next Two Weeks

I am escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city and visiting some friends in Italy, my first vacation in a loooooong time. It’s going to be a whirlwind trip, filled to the brim with eating, gelato, sight-seeing, and hopefully a new perspective on life. In the meantime, enjoy a video by Miadox entitled…read more…

Dave Hill Reports from NY Fashion Week for Put This On

Dave Hill is such a whimsical dresser and ace reporter. Watch as he bombards the fashion elite (or whatever) with his inquisitive nature and slick come-ons. Season Two of Put This On premieres March 13th.

Swapping Gender Roles with LMFAO Playing in the Background

Ever wonder what it would be like if the ladies switched roles with the dudes? Well, check it out below. See fellas, females can be total douchebags too. And we absolutely love it when you unbutton your shirts to show off your chest hair. It’s such a turn on.

Meet a Black Person in Aspen

From Improv Everywhere, meet Colton Dunn, a black guy in Aspen. Say hello to him for me if you see him again because as an Asian woman who doesn’t ski or snowboard or owns a vacation home, I probably won’t be stepping inside Colorado any time soon.

A Bad Lip Reading : Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum. He’s ‘crazy and right.’ But mostly equal parts crazy and incomprehensible thanks to the people at Bad Lip Reading.

A Template for Every Powerpoint Presentation Ever Made

If this looks familiar to you then you know all Powerpoint presentations are lame, boring, and completely unnecessary. The dudes behind Shit Nobody Says know what I mean and decided to create this hilarious and literal video. Cue the technical difficulties now.

The Cutest Little Girl Tells Dad Who’s Her Favorite

She maybe the most adorable baby you have ever seen with the biggest blue eyes, but she tells her dad something that breaks his heart a little. But then again, can you blame her after this interrogation? And cue the Law & Order soundbite.

Top 5 Friday : January 6, 2012

Are You Happy

1. It’s officially the new year and time to reevaluate your priorities. Again. But who knew happiness was so easy to find? 2. Dana Tanamachi has the incredible knack of using chalk to create beautifully ornate typography. Check out her site for more info on her work. 3. The guy in the picture is really…read more…

Take Some Advice from Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan, creative ambassador-at-large of Barneys NY and all-around lifestyle guru, has written a new book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, a humorous how-to for straight women. Take a look at the video from The Daily, where Doonan dishes on the difference between straight and gay food, how every woman needs a gay entourage, and…read more…