Top 5 Friday : August 17, 2012

Marvel at the universe and this animated flight through space by Miguel Aragon of Johns Hopkins University with Mark Subbarao of the Adler Planetarium and Alex Szalay of Johns Hopkins.

Enjoy this oldie but goodie entitled Symmetry by Everynone in collaboration with Radiolab.

3. Artist Christian Faur uses a childhood staple, crayons, to produce his extraordinary works, blending a literal medium with a classical technique. Visit his website to view the rest of his Crayon series.

Ha! If you only knew what I have been going through the past two years, then you would understand why I find this video hilarious. Thanks Ze Frank! You made my day.

Dudes will be dudes and good lord, they say the darndest things. Enjoy this humorous clip from Good Mythical Morning.