Top 5 Friday : August 31, 2012

Here’s a little inspiration in the midst of any bad day. Thanks Christine Chen for this short and sweet animated video entitled Rain.

2. Australian artist WBK (Works by Knight) created a series of portraits using vintage and discarded parts of keyboards, type sets, and typewriters to pay tribute to iconic artists, performers, and historic figures.

It doesn’t have the same witty banter, but it gets straight to the point. Check out a Sex and the City parody from comedian Jarret Berenstein.

Pleated Jeans goes to Target and somehow bypasses their security while re-labeling things the way they should be. And yes, I think scales are actually shame squares.

5. Objects in Carl Kleiner’s Avios series appear to be falling or floating depending on how you look at it. Click here to view Kleiner’s extensive photographic work.