Top 5 Friday : July 13, 2012

1. Photographer Camille Seaman chases a tornado and captures its progression in her series, The Big Cloud : The Lovely Monster. Mother Nature never looked so fearsome. Check out the rest of her work by clicking here.

Created and animated by Kevin Bapp, see a mash-up of the Super Friends and The Golden Girls, entitled what else, Super Golden Friends. Thank you, o’glorious internet. Thank you.

Take a look at The Shin’s the newest video, It’s Only Life and watch as frontman James Mercer gets dragged around by a horned being shrouded in black. Oh and there’s a cute kid with a dog. The band’s newest album Port of Morrow is out now.

I love Mike Birbiglia, mostly because he is an especially good storyteller. It is almost like second-nature for him. And since I love listening to him and going to any performance he appears in, I am really excited to see his new movie, Sleepwalk with Me. Watch the trailer which, by the way, was co-written and produced by Ira Glass (I love him too).

5. Facemath takes the faces of multiple celebrities to create another celebrity. It is pretty much the calculation I do in my head when I watch television and wonder why a certain person looks so familiar.