Top 5 Friday : July 20, 2012

1. Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera charms her audience with her delicate paper birds, an art form that takes serious skill. Click here to view more of her work and here for her Flickr page.

Ad agency Draftfcb created a special edition book, El Libro Que No Puede Esperar, for publishing firm Eterna Cadencia. The premise consists of specially printed ink that gradually fades away in two months time. Once the reader peels off the airtight packaging, time starts counting down.

3. Artists Ryuta Iida and Yoshihisa Tanaka, known collectively as Nerhol, give us their Misunderstood Focus project. Each model sits still (as still as humanly possible) for three minutes while being photographed. The end result showcases a multi-layered image distorted by subtle shifts in movement.

It’s an alligator. No, it’s a log. No, it’s definitely an alligator. Thanks Bird Box Studio for this sweet, short animation.

The sultry Joss Stone is back and about to release her album, Soul Sessions Vol. 2. Take a look and listen to Stone’s version of While You’re Out Looking for Sugar.