Top 5 Friday : June 15, 2012

1. This is too cute not to mention. Animator Gabriel Smetzer wants to introduce the world to his interactive animation, Flewn. In order to keep the story moving along, the reader must keep our frog friend well-fed and flying through his journey. Check out Smetzer’s Kickstarter page (which has already exceeded its goal) to view the video and learn more about the project itself.

Peter Javidpour re-cut the trailer of Mrs. Doubtfire to play like a horror film about an out-of-work actor who will go to any lengths to be with his kids. The creepy music really helps.

Epipheo Studios is back with another animated talk about Daniel H. Wilson’s newest book, Amped. This one is not about robots taking over the world. Instead, humans become superhuman by the implementation of neural implants. Science rocks!

Joss Stone is back with The Soul Sessions Vol. 2, an album full of covers. In her newest track, Stone sings the Chi-Lites’ (For God’s Sake) Give Power to the People. Have a listen.

5. From a 1942 PSA (or cheeky ad. I really don’t know), here’s the wrong way to kiss. Click here to see the right way.


  1. Great mention of Gabriel’s project! He’s an awesome guy, and I know he’ll do an amazing job!

    • It is such a refreshing way to get children involved in the world of storytelling. I can’t wait to see the finished project.