Top 5 Friday : September 7, 2012

1. Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison capture a world that seems to be enrobed by a fine dream-like mist, somewhat mysterious and ever entrancing.

This was bound to happen especially when Mad Men fans are waiting patiently for the next season to air next year. But who knew the cast were so musical, performing, in my opinion, the best Rickroll floating around the interwebs?

Ze Frank tells us why Anti-Republicans and Anti-Democrats have no balls and no heart respectively, courtesy of BuzzFeed. Listen and learn. Listen and learn!

4. Nature photographer Mark Dumbleton tells the story of South Africa with his series of majestic images. One glance and you’ll soon book a trip to see the African landscape for yourself.

Sis: Stranger Danger. Lil Bro: Ice cream. Sis: I’m serious. Stranger Danger. Lil’ Bro: Seriously, you want a bite?’ Annnnnd scene.